Foreningssamfundets sociale kapital. Danske foreninger i et europ├Žisk perspektiv
(The Social Capital of Organizational Society. Danish Associations in a European Perspective)

Foreningssamfundts sociale kapital Danske foreninger i et europ├Žisk perspektiv by Lars Torpe & Torben K. Kjeldgaard was published in June 2003..

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What is the democratic role of voluntary associations, and how do they help generate social capital? What sets Danish organizations apart from associations in other countries? Are we as unique as we sometimes think? These are some of the questions asked in this comparative study of organizations in Aalborg and five other European cities. The four main themes are:

- the vitality of the associations

- structure and internal organization

- the financial resources of the associations

- relations with the outside world

The study shows, on the one hand, that voluntary organizations remain a strong social factor in Denmark; on the other hand the organizations are very dependent on the willingness of their members to perform unpaid voluntary work.